Store Development Services

Store Development Services

Below is a list of services we commonly perform for our clients. This list is meant as a starting point to the discussion we hope to have with you about your program and does not represent the limit to what we can do for you.

Program Development

  • Determine client needs
  • Collect and analyze historical data
  • Identify financial parameters and expectations
  • Establish preliminary development program budget and schedule
  • Identify and coordinate development team; define roles
  • Propose and set up management and communication systems
  • Provide contract management services


  • Determine target costs
  • Identify qualified suppliers
  • Form strategic alliances with suppliers
  • Develop staged delivery process with construction
  • Determine optimal distribution system
  • Coordinate nationwide tracking system of staged deliveries
  • Maintain inventory levels to avoid shortages but minimize holding costs
  • Verify all take-off quantities

Design Management

  • Define concept standards; establish design criteria
  • Value engineer design
  • Manage prototype development
  • Manage design development budget and schedule
  • Develop and manage site survey and due diligence process
  • Update preliminary site budget/schedule/pro forma
  • Manage production of construction documents
  • Coordinate engineering services
  • Coordinate and secure all necessary permits and approvals

Real Estate Support

  • Perform preliminary surveys
  • Identify ADA, building code, structural, and MEP issues
  • Assist in landlord work letter negotiations & monitor landlord deliverables
  • Develop conceptual budgets

Construction Management

  • Identify qualified vendors
  • Manage bidding and/or negotiated bid process
  • Value engineer project
  • Establish final site budget and schedule
  • Manage construction in relation to budget and schedule
  • Perform site visits as necessary
  • Provide complete vendor invoicing services; coordinate payments
  • Coordinate turnover with store operations
  • Prepare final cost accounting
  • Establish and facilitate warranty administration
  • Provide project close-out documentation and assist in obtaining tenant improvement allowances